Pokemon BDSP Houndoom Location, How to Evolve, Type and Abilities

In this guide, we'll show you everything you need to know about Pokemon BDSP Houndoom's location, evolution, type, abilities, etc.

Houndoom is a Dark and Fire Type Dark Pokemon that can be found in Pokemon Shining Pearl exclusively. In this guide, we will get you up to speed with how you can catch the Pokemon BDSP Houndoom.

Pokemon BDSP Houndoom Location

Houndoom is a Fire and Dark Type Pokemon in Pokemon BDSP. With a regular Pokeball, you’ll have a 5.9% chance to successfully catch it. Houndoom is the evolved form of Houndor but it is impossible to find Houndor in the wild.

How to Catch Houndoom

Like many other Pokemon in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, the Grand Underground is the best place to search for Houndoom.

Simply head to the grand underground and look for Houndoom in any of the fire/lava zones and hideaways. If it doesn’t spawn, exit the area and enter again to refresh the spawns.

Below are all the locations where you might find a Houndoom in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

  • Typhlo Cavern: Spawn chance of Lv. 16-63
  • Stargleam Cavern: Spawn chance of Lv. 16-63
  • Sand Cave: Spawn chance of Lv. 16-63
  • Route 215: Spawn chance of Lv. 20-22
  • Route 214: Spawn chance of Lv. 24
  • Lava Cave: Spawn chance of Lv. 16-63
  • Crystal Cave: Spawn chance of Lv. 16-63
  • Cayon Lava Cave: Spawn chance of Lv. 16-63

Keep in mind that you will need the Poke Radar to search for Houndoom in Route 214 and 215.

Base Stats

  • HP: 75
  • Attack: 90
  • Defense: 50
  • Special Attack: 110
  • Special Defense: 80
  • Speed: 95

Houndoom Abilities

Early Bird: Makes Houndoom wake up quickly from sleep.

Flash Fire: When hit by a Fire-type move, no damage is dealt; instead, the power of the Houndoom’s Fire-type moves is raised by 50%. If hit again, the power isn’t further raised but it remains effective as long as Houndoom is in battle.

Unnerve: It’s a hidden ability of Houndoom, that makes its opponent nervous and unable to eat berries.

As Houndoom levels up further, it will learn powerful moves and abilities like

  • Inferno
  • Foul Play
  • Crunch

How to Evolve Houndoom

Apart from catching Houndoom directly in any of the eight aforementioned locations, you can evolve Houndour into Houndoom, once it reaches Level 24.

However, you won’t find Houndour anywhere in the game. You can however breed your Houndoom, which will give you a Houndour.

Strengths and Weaknesses

As a Dark and Fire Type pokemon, Houndoom is strong against Dark, Ghost, Fire, Steel, Ice, Grass, and Psychic Type Moves.

Here are all the Pokemon, that Houndoom performs well against:

  • Mewtwo (Psychic Type)
  • Lugia (Psychic Type)
  • Ho-Oh (Fire Type)
  • Dialga (Steel Type)
  • Tyranitar (Rock and Dark Type)

On the other hand, Houndoom is vulnerable to Ground, Fighting, Rock, and Water Type Moves.

Here are all the Pokemon, that Houndoom struggles against:

  • Palkia (Water Type)
  • Kyogre (Water Type)
  • Groudon (Ground Type)
  • Garchomp (Ground Type)
  • Tyranitar (Rock and Dark Type)