How to Defeat Flint (Elite Four) in Pokemon BDSP

Flint, a member of the Elite Four in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, is quite the formidable foe and can cause problems for you but that’s exactly what we are here for. In this guide, we will help you defeat Flint in Pokemon BDSP. We will be giving you an overview of his powers and a basic strategy to beat him.

How to Defeat Flint in Pokemon BDSP

Once you defeat Elite Four Bertha in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, your next opponent is going to be Flint; a fiery young man with an excellent team of Pokemon.

Flint’s Pokemon in BDSP are all hard hitters and he will punish you if you head into the fight without a solid plan.

Flint’s Pokemon

We will be taking a look at all of his Pokemon and then discuss a strategy that allows us to defeat him without too many hassles.

Here are all the Pokemon Flint has:

  • Rapidash (Opening) Level 58
  • Infernape Level 58
  • Steelix Level 58
  • Lopunny Level 58
  • Drifblim Level 58

Tips to Defeat Elite Four Flint

You need to have a Gyarados in your party if you want to make this fight a lot easier for yourself as Flint opens the fight with his Rapidash. Gyarados can perform well against 4 of Flint’s Pokemon which puts him in a very strong position.

Here are a few Pokemon we suggest for this battle:

  • Gyarados (Opening)
  • Palkia
  • Floatzel
  • Luxray
  • Azelf

Flint’s two most dangerous Pokemon are the Rapidash and the Infernape so, if you deal with them then the remaining team should not be difficult to beat.

As long as your Gyarados is somewhere close to level 55 it should be able to pretty much singlehandedly defeat both Rapidash and Infernape.

His Infernape will punish you if you take too long to go on the offensive so make sure you don’t give him the opportunity. If Gyarados fails, Palkia would be the ideal pick against Infernape and should be able to win against him in a couple of moves.

The Steelix and Lopunny are easy to deal with if you have Pokemon that can do high damage dealing moves. Once you beat Flint, you will be ready for your next fight against Elite Four Lucian.

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