Pokemon BDSP Fishing Guide

Fishing is one of the many ways trainers can catch water Pokemon in Pokemon BDSP. The process is fairly simple and employs the use of different fishing rods. In this guide, we’ll let you know how exactly fishing works in Pokemon BDSP, how to get different fishing rods and the differences between them.

Pokemon BDSP Fishing

Fishing is a fairly easy mechanic in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, as it was in prior generations of the Pokemon franchise.

Trainers must just go up to the edge of the lake and hit the A button to cast their line, then tap it again when an exclamation mark appears.

The Pokemon you encounter in the water in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl is entirely dependent on the Fishing Rod you have unlocked. The better your gear, the more characters you’ll be able to capture.

How to Use Rods for Fishing

The players should select the Rod from Key Items Pocket right when they are facing the water body. Next, select the option Use to cast a line in the water for catching Pokemon.

The players can also register their fishing rods to a quick key on the Switch. Once you register the rod, you will not have to select the rod again and again from your bag.

To do so, select the Register the Item option. Now, press + button to use the item and use D-Pad or Control Sticks to set the direction of the fishing rod.

How to Get Old Rod

The Old Rod can be acquired by speaking with the Fisherman in Jubilife City’s west gate, which leads to Route 218. Even before your first Gym Battle, you can reach Jubilife City.

Best Pokemon to Catch with Old Rod

You can easily catch Magikarp on Route 218 and Route 204 using the Old Rod in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl.

How to Get Good Rod

To unlock the Good Rod in Pokemon BDSP, speak with the fisherman on Route 209, right east of the Hearthome City entrance.

He’ll ask whether you agree that the Good Rod is good or not. Yes, is the correct response. After that, he’ll give you the Good Rod.

Best Pokemon to Catch with Good Rod

After receiving the Good Rod on Route 209, you can instantly locate Magikarp at Level 20 and higher. Simply leveling it up once will evolve it into Gyarados, providing you with a type advantage against some Gym leaders.

You will also be able to catch Goldeen and Fineon with the Good Rod.

How to Get Super Rod

The super rod can be located in the northeastern part of the map, in the Fight Area. The fisherman will be outside the north tunnel once you arrive at the small area.

Best Pokemon to Catch with Super Rod

After unlocking the super rod, you can easily catch Luvdisc in Pokemon Arena, Sharpedo on Route 213 and Seadra on Route 216.

List of Pokemon Caught with Fishing Rods

Now, we will be mentioning the names of all the Pokemon that one can catch using each of the above-mentioned fishing rods.

So, here is a complete list of Pokemon, along with their exact locations.

Old Rod

 Pokemon Location
 Magikarp Route 218
 Feebas Basement of Mt. Coronet in the        Northern part.

Good Rod

Pokemon Location
Magikarp Route 208
Gyarados Route 208
Barboach Northern part of Route 205
Finneon Route 218
Goldeen Route 203
Poliwag Route 226

Super Rod

Pokemon  Location
Gyarados  Route 205
Lumineon  Route 218
Shellder  Southern part of Route 205
Whiscash  Great Marsh
Dratini  Mt. Coronet
Dragonair  Mt. Coronet
Carvanha  Great Marsh
Sharpedo  Route 223
Qwilfish  Iron Island
Octillery  Route 224
Seaking  Route 214
Clamperl  Route 219
Luvdisc  Route 224
Poliwhirl  Route 225
Corphish  Celestic Town
Crawdaunt  Celestic Town
Chinchou  Route 220
Lanturn  Route 220
Walimer  Route 223
Wailord  Route 223

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