Pokemon Bank Will Not be Available For Pokemon Sun And Moon At Launch

The Pokemon Company has re-uploaded the Pokemon Bank trailer, according to the description it will not be available for Pokemon Sun And Moon at launch.

Pokemon Sun And Moon is nearing its release and The Pokemon Company has geared up its marketing efforts for the game. The Pokemon Company has re-uploaded its Pokemon bank trailer for Pokemon Sun And Moon, however, the description has slightly changed. According to the description, Pokemon Bank feature will not be available for the game at launch.

The report comes from NeoGaf user Razmos, and according to him/her a special update will be released next year instead of previously announced autumn which will add Pokemon Bank to Pokemon Sun And Moon.

The Pokémon Company today reuploaded a trailer for Pokémon Bank, but within this trailer’s description, it stated the timing for the special update to Pokémon Bank that will add support for Pokémon Sun & Moon, as well as Pokémon Red, Green, Blue & Yellow. This update is currently tentatively schedule for January 2017, later than the autumn timing that was stated in the Pokémon Direct back in February.

Recently, The Pokemon Company released a small trailer to introduce Ultra Beasts: UB-02 Absorption and UB-02 Beauty. Ultra Beasts are exclusive to the Alola region.

Recently, some leaked images for Pokemon Sun And Moon made their way on the internet which showcased day and might evolution of Rockruff, new Ultra Beasts.

Rockruff evolves into a “Lugarugan” and it has two different forms. One form is the day evolution, when this Pokemon is bathed in rays of the sun and is described as “hot as day”. Its second form is Night form, when it evolves after being full of the night’s power, and is described as “cool as night”.

Also Nintendo has revealed Pokemon Sun and Moon 2DS bundles. These bundles will be available on November 23 in Europe, and the game will come pre-installed with the bundles, whether it will be Pokemon Sun or Moon will depend on the bundle.

So what do you think of Pokemon Bank coming next year to the game? Let us know in the comments.

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