PlayStation VR Preorders Sold Out on Multiple Retailers

PlayStation VR preorders have been so many that many retailers have gone out of stock in the first few minutes; Amazon and EB Games included.

PlayStation VR preorders have gone live recently at a number of retailers but guess what, that $399 price tag really shook up the consumer based and people have purchased it like crazy. Multiple retailers are already out of stock.

To start off, Amazon stores in Europe are reporting that the have received so many PlayStation VR preorders that it went over their stock limits.

We have confirmed reports from Amazon Germany, Amazon UK, and Amazon France of the head mounted virtual reality device being sold out whereas Amazon Italy appears to be the only retailer that still has the headset.

However, we expect that the Italians will also run out of stock because it only took a couple of minutes for the rest to do so.

Apart from Amazon in Europe, it has also been reported that some Australian retailer have faced stockouts too. For instance, EB Games is not allowing PlayStation VR preorders any more.

Coming back to the UK, GAME somehow is still taking preorders, but looking at the hype and the demand they are also asking for a £100 deposit to be made to them in stores if you wish to reserve a PSVR for yourself.

Needless to say, Sony Computer Entertainment has had a very solid start with this one. In comparison, HTC Vive had sold about 15,000 units in 10 minutes and Oculus Rift was sold out in the first 14 minutes.

However, since we don’t know the quantity of PlayStation VR preorders that have been placed so far, this might not be the correct metric to judge which way this will go.

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