PlayStation VR Isn’t Delayed to Fall, GameStop Was Speculating: Sony

The rumor has bee put to rest. PlayStation VR release hasn't been delayed to fall. GameStop was just speculation, Sony has clarified.

Yesterday we reported that PlayStation VR is coming in Fall 2016. The news spread like wildfire and it was being speculated that the device may have been delayed.

It was believed that Sony is targeting a Q1 release so such speculations were natural. It was more than just speculation actually, because the news came from the CEO of GameStop while he was speaking with Fox News live on Tv.

Fortunately, there are no delays, at least that’s what Sony is now saying.

GameStop was speculating, and we have not released any further details on launch timing.

It seems a bit odd because GameStop CEO looked and sounded pretty sure when he said they will start shipping PlayStation VR is Fall.

There could be two reasons to why Sony is denying it. Either GameStop CEO made a mistake and genuinely was speculating, it didn’t sound like he was, or Sony is just not ready to acknowledge this information.

It is also strange that Sony hasn’t talked about PSVR’s price. If they were targeting a Q1 release we should have heard something by now.

Nothing can be said for sure but for now, there aren’t any worries of a delay. We’ll let you know if GameStop explains its side of the story.

On a related subject, PSVR’s rival Oculus Rift is coming out soon but we believe PSVR has 3x more chances of succeeding. Nvidia recently shared some stats saying that by the time Oculus Rift comes out there would be 13 million VR Ready PCs around. Meanwhile, there are currently 35 million VR Ready PS4 units out there.

We also have to consider the all-in price. PlayStation VR’s all in price will be less then $1000 even if we assume it would cost $600. On the other hand, a VR Ready PC and Oculus Rift may cost you over $1500.

Source: GameInformer

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