PlayStation VR is Coming This Fall, Prepare Yourselves

Sony’s PlayStation VR is going to launch this Fall, according to GameStop CEO. He spoke during a recent TV interview and revealed the release Window for PlayStation VR.

You can hear what he has to say in the video above. Skip to 2.51 mark for his comments on VR market and upcoming releases including PS VR.

His statement doesn’t line-up with the reports we have received over the past few months. It was previously assumed that Sony’s VR device will release in Q1 and a recent report wanted us to look forward to it in April.

Keep in mind that Sony is yet to confirm this but GameStop CEO is a pretty credible source I would say. It we look at it, it now makes sense why Sony hasn’t revealed a price point for the device so far. It is still a long way from release it seems.

Meanwhile, rival Oculus Rift is coming our way on March 28 and Nvidia believes there will be around 13 million VR Ready PCs in the market till then, compared to 35 million VR Ready PS4 units.

Content will be key and according to GameStop CEO’s previous comments, PlayStation VR has the strongest line-up right now. It is believed that over 100 games are currently in development for Sony’s device.

We will let you know as soon as Sony shares a comment on the story.

Source: Fox News

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