Codemasters Announces Playstation VR DiRT Rally Port, Coming Soon

The developer Codemasters has announced that a Playstation VR DiRT Rally port will be coming to the Playstation VR in the coming weeks, making the original game from 2015 compatible with the Playstation VR. This is only one of the many Playstation games that are now making the jump to the Playstation VR.

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DiRT Rally (as the stylized version of the title says) is a racing game focused for the most part on rally cars, which involves offroad racing at high speeds on hazardous courses. These courses are twisting enough and are raced at high enough speeds that rally car drivers normally have to have a person in the passenger’s seat telling them what’s coming up.

These passengers also have to be several twists and turns ahead of the driver’s position on the course in order to keep their drivers informed.

DiRT Rally got a pretty positive reception when it released back in 2015, and though the Xbox version of the game won’t be getting any sort of VR component in the future (unless Microsoft comes up with a VR platform of their own), anyone that’s up for racing in virtual-reality and has a Playstation VR can experience something of what it’s like to be a rally car driver, especially given that the game’s cars aren’t invincible: tires will burst, radiators will overheat, and more in response to how hard you push your car in order to get the best time.

If you’re a racing game with a Playstation VR, you can pick up the Playstation VR DiRT Rally port sometime in the coming weeks when Codemasters releases it. You can pick it up on the Playstation Store for 12.99, or a new physical edition for 40 dollars. The game will even come with a new co-op mode for players to simulate being actual rally car drivers, including their co-pilots.

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