PlayStation VR Can Trigger Fear and Phobia, 120FPS Will Tackle Motion Blur Issue

PlayStation VR is just around the corner and will bring the best VR experience Sony has to offer. Sony is being very careful with VR and is covering every aspect and general issues with VR.

One of the problems with VR is motion blur, it happens when the player moves his head quicker than the time it takes to render the next image. This could cause motion sickness and to tackle this, Sony is pushing PlayStation VR to go to 12OFPS.

Oculus on the other hand uses 90FPS but Sony don’t want to take any chances with it, and is going to use 120FPS to eliminate motion sickness.

Sony has been in touch lately with developers and fans, giving them as much knowledge as they can about VR before it arrives. The company is letting people know how VR can trigger fear and Phobia in players and explained what we should expect from the experience.

In a recent event held in Montreal, Vernon Harmon explained plenty about PlayStation VR and how we can best experience it.

It’s a very intriguing presentation, check it out in the video above.

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