PlayStation Users Visit YouPorn The Most Among Consoles

YouPorn reveals that gamers using PlayStation visit their website the most as compared to Xbox and Wii.

This is an interesting bit of news that was revealed by the popular porn website YouPorn. The website recently shared expansive statistics based on gamers and their likings on the porn site revealing that PlayStation users top the list when it comes to porn being watched on consoles.

It is estimated that they get almost 200,000 daily visits from consoles. Out of these 200K, as many as 51 users come from PlayStation consoles!

This is followed by 39 percent traffic coming from Xbox and a mere 10 percent from Nintendo consoles.

Within the total amount of traffic that comes to YouPorn from gaming consoles, a majority comes from Playstations at 51%, with another 39% from Xbox and the last 10% from Wii units, as indicated in the graphic above. Each of these user subsets also have their own distinct tastes and preferences, as well as very particular ways of interacting with YouPorn.

The statistics also reveal the top 10 most popular searches for each platform, most popular categories, most favorite pornstars for each, average time spent as well as the male to female ratio among users who visit YouPorn on consoles.

While we are not indulging into the more intimate parts, you can go ahead and check it all out from their blog which is right over here.

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