PlayStation Plus’ Yearly Subscription Costs Are “Terrific Value Proposition”, Says Sony CEO

The all-new PlayStation Plus carries a higher monthly subscription cost compared to Xbox Game Pass but an edge when it comes to yearly plans.

The all-new PlayStation Plus carries a much higher monthly subscription cost compared to Xbox Game Pass. When it comes to annual pricing, however, PlayStation Plus has a competitive edge that specifically targets its existing subscribers.

Speaking with in a recent interview, Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan revealed that “more than two-thirds” of subscribers already tend to pay for yearly PlayStation subscriptions.

The noted subscription trend was why Sony decided to keep a cheaper yearly subscription cost for its overhauled PlayStation Plus because “a great majority of people” are expected to go with a 12-month subscription plan.

“That is an area of value proposition that we have looked at very hard,” explained Ryan. “What we are delivering is that, for a 12-month subscriber, and that is the great majority of people, the monthly subscription rate for PlayStation Plus Extra will be $8.33. And for PlayStation Plus Premium it will be $9.99.”

The table below will further clarify how much PlayStation Plus subscribers will save a year when subscribing for 12 months, compared to Xbox Game Pass which offers no discounts on its yearly plans.

Service Monthly Yearly Saving
PS Plus Extra $15 $100 $80
PS Plus Premium $18 $120 $96
Xbox Game Pass $10 $120 $0
Xbox Game Pass Ultimate $15 $180 $0

“We think, for what people are going to get, this is a terrific value proposition,” added Ryan. “And one that simply wouldn’t be possible if we were to put our studios’ games into the service upon their release.”

The point about investing in PlayStation Studios relates to the fact that, unlike Xbox Game Pass, PlayStation Plus does not offer day-one releases for its first-party games. Ryan noted that doing so would risk “the quality of the games” PlayStation Studios makes and gamers love.

The new PlayStation Plus launches in June 2022.

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