PlayStation Plus Subscription Price Increase Confirmed in France

We told you a week ago, and now it is official – well, partly at least. Sony is upping the subscription price for PlayStation Plus in Europe and at least the French section of the company has also confirmed it.

On August 1 we shared a rumor that prices for the quarterly and annual subscriptions will be increased; but so far the confirmation received has been for the quarterly subscriptions only.

Until now, it was possible to get your hands on the service for three months for €14.99, but according to a new email sent out by Sony to the PlayStation Plus subscribers in France, that is going to be increased to a whopping €19.99.

This is far more than the expected price change of €1.00.

However, it was also expected that the annual charges will be increased from €49.99 to €59.99, that has not happened so far.

Also, while the email in question (see the screen grab for evidence below) for the French populace, it will be probable to say that the changes affect entire Europe as rumored previously.

The third option that users have is monthly subscription that costs €6.99 or cumulatively €83.88 per year. Even after the increase, the quarterly subscription is cheaper than this when translated to a whole year at €79.96.

Sony’s strategy here appears to be that of pushing longer termed plans among the fans by offering the annual subscription of the PlayStation Plus at a much cheaper price tag of €49.99.

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