PlayStation Plus Getting an Increase in Prices in Europe?

If you are living in Europe and regularly use PlayStation Plus you are not going to like this rumor; it is feared that Sony is planning to jump up the prices of the subscription in your region!

While none of this has come from the official sources yet, someone at Sony who is in the knowledge of the company’s plans has divulged information while maintaining anonymity.

According to the source in question, PlayStation Plus subscription prices for the quarterly and annual subscriptions are going to be jumped up. However, the money you will have to spend on buying a monthly subscription is not going to change.

The price currently being charged for quarterly service is €14.99 which will be increased to €15.99. This might not seem like a major change but accumulated for all the users it is quite a sum.

Also, the new price of the annual service is going to be €59.99 which goes up significantly from €49.99. This one is definitely going to hurt if and when it actually gets implemented.

Those of you buying off monthly subscriptions will still be paying €6.99 a month though.

The reason being cited for the change of prices is largely related to the Dollar versus Euro exchange rate that has already affected a number of companies financially.

So yeah, Sony might be putting itself in a situation where it will be tough to convince the general customer base all these technicalities of financial accounting that has allegedly affected PlayStation Plus in Europe.

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