PlayStation Plus Gets Six Free Games for January: Dragon Age Origins, Grim Fandango and More

A couple of hours ago, two titles were revealed by Sony Computer Entertainment for January’s free games offering through PlayStation Plus namely Hardware Rivals and Grim Fandango Remastered. Of course this wasn’t the complete list, which has been shared now.

Sony Computer Entertainment America’s Andy Lum took to the official PlayStation US blog with the announcement post where a total of six games have been confirmed to go free next month.

Out of these, two are going to be made available on PS4, two on PS3 and three on PS Vita. Here’s a rundown on the complete list:

  • Dragon Age: Origins [PS3]
  • Grim Fandango Remastered [PS4, PS Vita]
  • Hardware: Rivals [PS4]
  • Legends of War Patton [PS Vita]
  • Medal of Honor Warfighter [PS3]
  • Nihilumbra [PS Vita]

While many would know that Hardware Rivals is basically inspired by Hardware: Online Arena from the PS2 era which allows you to “get behind the wheel of a powerful tank or mobile attack jeep in this arcade-style, vehicle combat game,” here’s what Grim Fandango Remastered is about:

If you need a breather from all the vehicle-on-vehicle combat, you can always turn to the twisted Mexican folklore of Grim Fandango Remastered. As Manny Calavera, travel agent for the Department of Death, you’ll guide poor souls to their eternal rest. Crime. Skeletons. Romance. You’ll experience it all in this update to the beloved adventure game.

That being said, Dragon Age Origins and Medal of Honor Warfighter do not need any introduction and since they are going free for PS3, it looks like Sony is balancing well between both the consoles this new year.

If you are a PlayStation Plus member, you can get your hands on all of these titles for free starting with the first Tuesday of January 2016.

Do you think that these offerings are well suited for the start of the new year? Shouldn’t they have included something even more exciting?

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