Sony’s Playstation Now Might Soon Have a PC Option

Sony's Playstation Now service will soon have an option to go on PC, if a rumor by French magazine Gamekult turns out to be true.

According to a rumor going around the internet, Sony will soon make an announcement that their Playstation Now service will now be available to use on the PC. So far, however, it’s only for Playstation 3 games, rather than any other Sony console. The announcement is planned for August 23, and the service will begin in the Low Countries (Belgium and the Netherlands) and the United Kingdom.

Playstation Now is a subscription service started by Playstation that would allow Playstation 3 and 4 owners to play older Playstation games on their consoles.

Unlike the Xbox One’s backwards compatibility service, which is still in its relative infancy, users of Playstation Now must pay an additional subscription fee in addition to their Playstation Network membership.

The rumor began with the French magazine Gamekult, and it seems that the first game that Playstation Now users will be able to have is the critically acclaimed Naughty Dog game The Last of Us, one of the last games to come out on the Playstation 3.

Soon after the Playstation 4’s release a Remastered Edition was put out to update the game to current-gen standards.

The move may be in response to the Xbox One Play Anywhere program, which allowed people that owned both an Xbox One and a Windows PC to be able to play their games anywhere that they could take their computer. The service includes games like Gears of War 4, Halo Wars 2, ReCore, Forza, Scalebound, and Sea of Thieves.

While there’s no telling what other games will be available on this cross-platform Playstation Now update, we can likely assume that Playstation will do its best to make some of its best old games available for PC gamers to play.

In order to use the service, you will need a PC that runs Windows 7, along with an internet connection of at least 5 megabytes, and a compatible controller that would preferably be a DualShock 4. Of course, that’s all only if Sony actually confirms the Playstation Now expansion. In the meantime, we’ll have to wait until August 23.

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