PlayStation Neo Launch Date Falls This Year, Says Major Distributor

According to a known French distributor's earnings call, PlayStation Neo launch is going to fall in 2016 but how can that be?

Only yesterday we had reported on rumors that PlayStation Neo and Nintendo NX both are going to be shown off at Tokyo Game Show 2016. Now it looks like things might be pacing up even more, a known French distributor is claiming that the PlayStation Neo launch is going to be this year!

Innelec Multimedia is a major French multimedia distributor, they published their latest earnings call recently and in it future forecasts were also mentioned. While talking about an upward push they are expecting from the gaming industry, Innelec Multimedia mentioned the launch of the new PlayStation is the first part of the fiscal year 2017.

This means we could be looking at a late 2016 release date.

PlayStation Neo Launch Date is in 2016?

Since the retailer is French, their earnings call was also in French language. However, we are sharing with you an online translation of it. Please ignore the grammatical mistakes.

The fiscal forecast for 2016/2017 should be pushed by the videogame industry, during the first semester, with the arrival of the PS4 Neo 4K, an evolution of Sony’s PS4 console with new features and the release in October 2016 of the virtual reality handset the Sony VR.

The distributor in question is a known name that works with Activision, Electronics Arts, E.M.I., Microsoft, Nintendo, Sega, Sony, Symantec, Ubisoft, Universal Music, and Warner Bros among others.

Coming back to the previous rumors, TGS 2016 is scheduled to be held between September 15 and September 18. Unveiling PlayStation Neo in September and launching it a couple of months after that at the latest doesn’t sound really probable.

This could either mean that Innelec Multimedia is mistaken about the PlayStation Neo launch window (which doesn’t seem to be the case) or that the previous rumors about TGS 2016 are untrue.

It has also been reported in the recent days that Neo is going to be based on 14nm FinFET AMD Polaris architecture, read all about it here.

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