PlayStation Email Users About Extensions After Network Problems

PlayStation have announced that they are sending out emails about the service extensions after the PlayStation Network outage last week.

After last week’s PlayStation Network outage many users felt annoyed at the length of the problems. It appears that PlayStation are now sending out emails detailing extensions subscribers can expect.

The first announcement made by PlayStation after the network problems revealed that exntensions would be given to users of the PlayStation Network:

Today, the second announcement has been made over Twitter, which reveals that emails should be sent out soon detailing what extensions the users will be getting:

While this is a positive move for the company, the real solution has to be from stopping it in the first place, or at least giving people who pay for the service notice of such an outage like this. Also, if as claimed this was done by a hacker group it raises questions about the security of data held by the company.

While no statements have been made about any security breaches from PlayStation, big companies like this are always targets for such attacks. Obviously they have to find a way to deal with the problem and protect the service that they ask users to pay for.

Have you received an email yet about the PlayStation extensions? Let us know your thoughts below on what the company is offering.

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