PlayStation Classic Sales Hit 120,000 Units Sold In Japan

Media Create recently released their weekly report on the PlayStation Classic sales which amounted to nearly 120,000 units sold. This has been within two weeks or barely over them since the retro console released on December 3rd alongside other legacy consoles.

This is despite the initial reception before the official release being mostly negative. And the reaction after its release not being overwhelmingly positive either. But rather just moderate.

Still, this hasn’t seemed to affect the sales of the classic console in the country of its origin. As Japan pushes the PlayStation classic sales to 120,000 units.

The amount of units sold was calculated specifically between the console’s release on the 3rd of December, and the 9th. 6 days later. Meaning the PlayStation Classic sales hit 120,000 units within six days in Japan.

It may not be as much as the Nintendo NES sold, which amounted to 260,000. But considering how the reception to the PlayStation Classic was, it’s still impressive regardless.

The PlayStation classic came to the world with 20 emulated games. These games were handpicked with the belief that they defined the original PlayStation era. Hence why you’ll find titles such as Metal Gear Solid or Final Fantasy 7. Rayman as well.

Although it didn’t meet certain expectations. The PlayStation classic sales weren’t meant to be outstanding or dominating. Rather just a niche fanbase of nostalgic fanboys that would like to relive their childhood.

Not too much motive to buy the PlayStation Classic though. Seeing as its emulation not being the smoothest tool out there. Especially considering how that was the main selling point itself.

People have more or less relived their childhoods one way or another. Regardless of if the PlayStation classic games came with the console or not. PC players especially, having emulated their favorite old games to relive for free. Rather than buying a console exclusively for it.

Then again, the PlayStation classic is an opportunity for those that have a liking to collect. Having that console collection aesthetic is something a lot of people like. And if they missed out on when the PS1 originally came out due to either age or other circumstances, this is their second chance.

The PlayStation classic games can also be seen as a cash grab. Since nostalgia can always be cashed in on. And you often see in response to sequels and continuations of the original games. There’s always that one guy who goes “Oh this’ll never beat the classics.” Well my guy, now you’ve got a console for that.

It’s a bit sad that the PlayStation classic games are just limited to 20. Yes, they were defining games obviously. But there could still have been so many underrated gems that remain lost forever. At least on the official side. Since PC emulations are still a thing.

Like the original Spider-Man game. With that nerve-racking Doctor Octopus boss. Which was just an anxiety attack in the form of a level. That’s what I wanna relive.

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