Playstation Classic Commercial Invites You To Play History With 20 Classic Games

Sony has released a special Playstation Classic commercial that invited players to play through history with 20 of its greatest and most classic games.

The Playstation Classic still hasn’t come out yet, but Sony has released a Playstation Classic commercial on YouTube that invites you to play some of the classic games that have defined the Playstation brand across the decades. The console will be coming out on December 3, 24 years after the PS1’s release.

The Playstation Classic is Sony’s version of the NES and SNES Classic consoles, which were Nintendo’s own versions of two of its most classic consoles. Like them, the Playstation Classic has 20 different games that Sony believes defined the brand, ranging from Metal Gear Solid to Final Fantasy 7, Grand Theft Auto to Oddworld, Tekken 3, and Rayman, the 20 games on the Playstation Classic covers a great deal of different genres.

The Playstation Classic commercial does pretty well in showing off all of the different games that you’ll be able to play in it, ranging from Rayman and King from Tekken running around, to Ridge Racer cars running away from missiles fired by Metal Gear REX.

While it might not be enough for some Playstation gamers, considering that there are a huge number of classic games that weren’t a part of the game, there are still a number of exclusive games that also depend on whether you buy the console in Japan or the West. Buying the Japanese version, for instance, nets you multiple Arc the Lad games, Armored Core, and Parasite Eve.

Considering the huge amount of sales that the NES and SNES Classic got over the course of their shelf lives, to the point that they were quite popular on Ebay for particular scumbags to buy in bulk and then sell at inflated prices, we might be seeing a similar result for the Playstation Classic.

Once again, the Playstation Classic will be coming out on December 3, and will cost $99.99 in the US, $89.99 in the EU, and $149.99 in Australia. You can see the new Playstation Classic commercial on YouTube.

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