PlayStation China Conference Announced For July 29

PlayStation conference has been announced for China, and will be held on July 29. Project Morpheus will be at the conference.

For fans in China, Sony is holding an exclusive PlayStation conference on July 29. Plenty of exciting news is going to be shared at the event including news about Project Morpheus.

Through this conference Sony is looking to boost its market in China and what better way to do that then to reveal some upcoming games.

Yes, Sony will discuss its plans for upcoming PS4 and PS Vita titles in China. We might see some new IPs announced for the market, while existing games are sure to make an appearance.

The most interesting thing is Project Morpheus’ presence during the event. Sony is looking to market its VR headset in China and it is quite possible that the company might announce some new VR games as well.

Both PS4 and Xbox One are now available in the Chinese market, but unfortunately sales for both of these platforms are disappointing.

Earlier this month – Niko Partners, which specializes in Asian games market intelligence, released a report saying that it expects PlayStation 4 and Xbox One to sell a total of 550,000 units in 2015. However, the report failed to mention what will happen if more AAA games are released and a price drop happens.

Consoles have been out of the Chinese market for over a decade and it will take time for companies to build a decent audience.

Lets see what Sony has in store for PlayStation conference later this month, and whether or not it will make any difference.

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