PlayStation Camera Sales Up by 975% After PSVR Price Announcement

At GDC, Sony announced the price and release window for PlayStation VR. According to the company, its VR device will release in October and is going to retail for $399. It is currently the cheapest mainstream VR headset in the industry.

As you know, PlayStation Camera is going to communicate with the LEDs on PlayStation VR to track head movements. Obviously, it is a very important device to have if you want to run PlayStation VR with PlayStation 4.

It is available on Amazon for £39.00.

What’s amazing is that after the GDC announcement from Sony, PlayStation Camera sales went through the roof on Amazon. At the time of this writing, Amazon shows that PlayStation Camera sales went up by 975%.

You can also see that PlayStation Move sales have gone up by over 300%.

Sony previously said that PlayStation VR’s time has come and clearly, it has. Analysts are predicting 8 million units sold in 2 years. From the looks of it, PlayStation VR is on its way to becoming the first successful VR device for console.

Many wonder why Microsoft isn’t responding with its own VR device. Microsoft has very different plans when it comes to headset technology.The company is working on AR (Augmented Reality).

The device they are working on is HoloLens that is still a long way from release, In fact, Microsoft said that the world isn’t ready for HoloLens and they want to be absolutely certain that it is before release.

This means that PlayStation VR has no direct competition in the console market. Its rivals Oculus Rift and Gear VR are targeting the PC market which is a much bigger platform but due to their all-in price both of these devices may struggle.

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