PlayStation Awards 2015 to be Held on December 3

PlayStation Awards 2015 are going to be held on December 3, Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia has announced.

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia has announced that they are going to hold their annual awards ceremony for the gaming industry on December 3. The PlayStation Awards 2015, as they are being dubbed, are going to bring yuo a horde of categories for which the game can win accolades.

According to the initial details shared by the company, the awards are scheduled to be held on the first Thursday of December at exactly 17:00 Japan time.

Those of you who are longstanding fans of Sony would know the history of the ceremony since they are being held annually since 1994!

The criteria, in general, is going to be the shipments and downloads achieved by titles in the Japan and Asia market since the PlayStation Awards 2015 are being held specifically by Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia.

Different award categories are the Platinum Prize which is given to games that achieve at least one million shipments, the Gold Prize which is awarded to titles reaching the 500,000 marker, and the User Choice category where five games will be voted upon by Asian audience and Japanese audience separately.

There also is a PlayStation Network Award that is to be given to three highest selling titles and the Asia Special Award dedicated to three titles that were notable in the Asian markets.


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