PlayStation Spent the Most on TV Ads in September, Highest In Gaming Industry

GamesBeat and have revealed that PlayStation spent the most on TV ads overcoming Nintendo and others in the gaming industry.

GamesBeat and have revealed that PlayStation spent the most money on advertisements in September. Sony took the lead with most spent on ads this month while Nintendo spent the most on TV ads in August.

This massive increase came after Spiderman PS4. It pretty much seemed like Sony went all in with Spiderman. Nintendo was leading in August with spending of approximately $6.2 Million which was an increase as compared to the previous month.

PlayStation didn’t make any big appearance in July though. In August, they came up with only one Spiderman PS4 ad with 3.9$ million spending on it.

Though in September, Sony unleashed everything and spent around $24.2 million on 9 different commercials. Among these commercials, Marvel’s Spiderman PS4 commercial “Be Greater” took $9.2 Million alone. Sony received more than 1.1 billion impressions as a result of their efforts.

Sony ads made its way to sports channels including ESPN, NBC, and Fox. Their ads were also shown in different shows including football, NFL and South Park.

Though on the other side, Xbox was among the top five while spending $8.2 million. They focused on promoting Shadow of the Tomb Raider and NBA 2K19.

It’s clear that Sony is leading the gaming industry whether it’s in the ad spending or producing first party titles.

Sony is having one of the best years. Since the release of God Of War till the latest Spiderman PS4. Both games managed to break all charts and are one of the best games to play in current gen.

Spiderman managed to sell over 3.3 million copies in a short time. It allows us to take control of Peter Parker like never seen before. The story of the game is very engaging and keeps us interested till the end.

Besides the story, Spiderman also has a very easy platinum trophy. The platinum for Spiderman has already been achieved by 10% of the total players. There are some tough challenges but won’t be a problem if you are a trophy hunter.

The success of Spiderman has also marked the new era for Marvel games. Marvel Games’ executive, Bill Roseman says that it’s the beginning and there are more games to come.


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