PlayStation 5 Reveal Date Coming Tomorrow?

The Playstation 5 reveal date might be around the corner if history is any indication. It was around seven years ago that Sony outlined the launch plans for the Playstation 4. This event also highlighted the specs of the Playstation 4. Sony also showcased the DualShock 4 controller and promised a plethora of games for the Playstation 4.

If this trend is to be followed by Sony Interactive Entertainment, the Playstation reveal date might be announced tomorrow. Of course, this is mere speculation and there is no official confirmation.

Fans have been eager to feast their eyes on Sony’s next-gen console, PlayStation 5. Every little rumor or snippet of news, increase their excitement even more. Sony has a lot of catching up to do as Microsoft has already shared a lot of information about the Xbox  Series X console. The buzz around the new, Microsoft console has been increasing whereas Sony is yet to reveal its next flagship console.

E3 2020 is set to take place on the 9th of June. Game developers are eager to unveil their games for the Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X. That cannot happen if Sony holds out on revealing the Playstation 5 for too long. If the timeline of Playstation 4 unveiling indicates anything, Sony could be getting ready to debut its flagship as soon as February.

On the other hand, Sony may hold out their announcements until the second quarter or even overlap with E3. Reveal the Playstation 5 just before E3 would be Sony’s way of negating the buzz that has been building around the Xbox Series X. Surrendering a big stage such as E3, to Microsoft, would definitely prove to be detrimental for Sony.

Recently, Sony just filed a PlayStation 5 trademark. This very well could be pointing towards the PlayStation 5 reveal. We have yet to know the full-on capability of the Playstation 5. We don’t even know if it will rival or even out-perform its rival, the Xbox Series X console.

Hopefully, Sony is following a similar launch timeline as the Playstation 4 and will give us reveal date in the coming days. Fans would be thrilled if this turns out to be the case.