People Will Buy PlayStation 5 If The Price Is 600 Euros At Max, New Survey Reveals

PlayStation 5 price could be ‎€600 Euros according to a new survey. A survey was held recently to find out how much players are willing to pay for Sony’s next-gen console.

The conducted survey reveals that the majority of people are willing to invest up to ‎€600 euros in PlayStation 5. Players are willing to pay a minimum of ‎€400 and a maximum of ‎€600 Euros for PS5. Only a few number of people are willing to pay 700 Euros or more. More than 5600 people have participated in the survey.

PlayStation 5 Price

The result of the survey tells that most people will pay between 400 euros and 600 euros and it makes sense. PS5 price being less than 600 Euros (672.03 US Dollars) seems more realistic. Now let’s hope that this survey Sony considers surveys like these before finalizing the price point of PlayStation 5.

If you ask me, PlayStation 5 price should be between 500$ to 600$ max especially considering Mark Cerny’s statements. Earlier this year, Mark Cerny said that PlayStation 5 price will be very attractive. Obviously, we still don’t know about the official price yet as Sony hasn’t revealed the console to public.

According to analyst Pelham Smithers, PS5 will be cheap and might sell for just $399. It’s possible if Sony wants to make sure that more people purchase its next-console over Xbox Scarlett.

But unfortunately, PS5 might be more expensive than originally planned according to Sony’s Chief Financial Officer Hiroki Totoki. The reason for this is the US imposed tariffs against Chinese products. The increase in tariffs will result in Sony increasing the price of PlayStation 5.

We believe, and therefore have told the U.S. government, that higher tariffs would ultimately damage the U.S. economy, said Hiroki Totoki.

In addition to this, PlayStation 5 is currently available for pre-order on Media Markt Sweden for 9999 Swedish Krona ($1,489 and 943,99 €). The pre-order price is absurd and most likely a placeholder price. To find out the actual price of the console, we will have to wait.

PlayStation 5 reveal will be most likely at PlayStation Experience 2019 later this year. There’s no PS5 release date available yet. According to the rumors, Sony’s next-gen console will arrive during November 2020.


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