PlayStation 5 Price Listed By a Canadian Retailer

A Canadian retailer store just may have just leaked the PlayStation 5 price and it seems to be almost similar to the next-gen console's rumored price.

A Canadian retailer store may have just leaked the PlayStation 5 price. Sony Interactive Entertainment’s upcoming next-gen console was expected to be priced around $500.

A Canadian retailer store by the name of Playntradevi put the PlayStation 5 up for pre-order at CA$550.99 on their website. The store limited the amount of purchase to two per family. If we convert this to U.S dollars, it puts the console roughly around $386.

This price makes the PS5 cheaper than the PS4 that sold for around $400 at launch. The store even announced the pre-order for the next-gen console on their Facebook page. Lots of people questioned the validity of the store. However, many people stated that Play and Trade is a reputable retailer and isn’t doing well just be scamming people.

Though let’s keep in mind that the store is taking a 50% deposit to secure the pre-order. This amount will be refundable at any time according to their Facebook page. We do admit that it does seem a bit shady when you look at how low of a price they are charging for the PS5.

It is possible that the retailer doesn’t actually know the exact price of the next-gen console. The store could just adjust the price after Sony Interactive Entertainment unveils the official price of the PS5.

The PlayStation 5 price has been a major point of contention among the PlayStation community. Last year, Sony revealed that it was planning to cut the PS5 price to attract more fans. At the time, it seemed like a wise move to make but the situation is different today than it was last year.

Last month, we heard that the production cost of the PS5 had increased due to the ongoing coronavirus crisis. This led fans to believe that a price cut for the next-gen console is definitely off the table now.

Though an analyst predicted that the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X will not be priced over $500. With all that being said, a PlayStation 5 price of $386 seems too unrealistic for the next-gen Sony console.

Sony recently re-confirmed that they intend to release the PlayStation 5 in the holiday season of 2020.