PlayStation 5 Listed in the Middle East for $1000

The Elder Scrolls 6, Cyberpunk 2077, Starfield, and many other games are believed to be in development for PlayStation 5. But where is Sony’s next gaming machine? Well, it just got listed in the middle east for a whopping $1000. Before you get your hopes up, the page and all of the details it mentions are placeholders without a doubt as they are using concept details and images.

But since the console is listed on one of the most reputable online retailers in the country, Homeshopping, it is possible they may have heard something from Sony asking them to prepare possible future listings. And as you may know, a large number of Sony games break street dates from the Middle East. We have reported a number of times about games breaking street dates in the regions. Since the check and balance system is lackluster, nothing is stopping them from sharing details about the console early.

The placeholder page indicates an impending reveal, so could be see something at PlayStation Experience later this year? New consoles are normally announced a year before they come about. Quite possibly, Sony may tease the machine at PlayStation Experience before showing something at E3 2019.

Still, don’t expect anything in the market before at least 2020.

While everything we have mentioned above is pure speculation base on a placeholder page, let’s talk about something more concrete. The Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company is currently producing large numbers of 7nm chips and according to recent reports, they are destined for PS5.

On the other hand, other reports say AMD Navi is being created for PlayStation 5. The agreement to create Navi for PS5 is a deal reportedly made during the time Raja Koduri was a part of AMD. The graphics manufacturer allocated two-thirds of its resources creating AMD Navi chips.

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