Playstation 5 Games Possibly Leaked Through Twitter Poll

A number of Playstation 5 games might have gotten leaked through an Official Playstation Magazine Twitter poll that was just posted today.

A Twitter poll from the Official Playstation Magazine UK branch has apparently just leaked what sorts of games that we can expect to be seeing on the Playstation 5 when that console comes out during the holidays of 2020, including some as-of-yet unannounced games and some upcoming ones that might be bridge games.

The poll in general asked about what games that poll-takers are most excited to play on the Playstation 5. The four options for the poll were Horizon Zero Dawn 2, The Last Of Us 2 Online, Killzone Online, and Ghost of Tsushima on the PS5.

While a lot of this might be extrapolation (Ghost of Tsushima for instance has yet to get a release date despite how long it’s been since the reveal trailer), the fact that several Playstation 5 games like Killzone Online and Horizon Zero Dawn 2 haven’t actually been announced yet also hints that they’ll be launch titles for the console.

The Last Of Us 2’s online multiplayer being on the Playstation 5 is less of a stretch, however. The game will be launching in April of 2020 without its multiplayer component, as Naughty Dog wanted to place more emphasis on the game’s story mode rather than its multiplayer.

The Last Of Us’s Factions multiplayer proved to be surprisingly popular for a single-player focused game, and Naughty Dog is separating it from The Last Of Us 2 in order to polish it and make it something truly special, so we can likely expect it to be on the Playstation 5 too.

There’s no telling what Playstation 5 games will be announced as launch titles for the console, especially since there’s not even a concrete release date for when the console comes out. However, hopefully the Official Playstation Magazine knows something we don’t, and that we can expect to see these games when the console comes out around the holidays of 2020.

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