PlayStation Spain Hints At Death Stranding Release for PlayStation 5

There’s a lot of hype regarding Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding which is being touted as an entirely new genre of gaming. Death Stranding was initially announced as a PlayStation 4 exclusive but now it seems the game might not be limited to the console but may also be a cross-gen release for PC, Google Stadia, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett.

Kojima revealed the game at Sony’s conference during E3 2016 with the trailer. Kojima and Mark Cerny, lead system architect of the PlayStation 4, spent two weeks in January 2016 looking for a game engine on which to develop the game. So ever since the start of the Death Stranding development, the game was intended to be a PlayStation 4 exclusive but it seems this may not be the case.

While replying to a question asked by a fan on Twitter, PlayStation Spain answered rather ambiguously but strongly hinting that Death Stranding may release on platforms other than PlayStation 4 later down the road. Take a look at the screenshot below:

It is important for us to note that the Tweet reply has since been deleted. There are two possible reasons for this. One reason is that the information was false and PlayStation Spain made a mistake. The other reason is that PlayStation Spain simply revealed too much too soon and deleted the Tweet as a cover-up.

Another interesting thing about PlayStation Spain’s reply is that when they were asked the same question about God of War’s PS4 exclusivity, their answer was direct and clear. While on the other hand, when they were asked about Death Stranding’s PS4 exclusivity, their answer is not direct and clear.

“The only platform announced for the launch of death stranding is PS4” suggests that Death Stranding may launch on other platforms such as Google Stadia, PC, and next-gen platforms such as PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett.

There is a strong chance for Death Stranding to release on PlayStation 5. During an interview back in April, PlayStation’s Mark Cerny smiled and paused, indicating that it will make its way to PS5 as well when he was asked about Death Stranding’s cross-gen release.

A PlayStation 5 cross-gen release for Death Stranding doesn’t seem so far-fetched when you think about what Hideo Kojima is trying to achieve with this game. Even though not a lot is known about Death Stranding at this point but from what we have heard, it seems it is one of the most ambitious games of all time.

The processing power and graphical fidelity offered by next-gen hardware like the PlayStation 5 seems like the perfect home for Death Stranding and Hideo Kojima’s vision.

So far, a PlayStation 4 release is confirmed for Death Stranding on November 8, 2019.