PlayStation 5 Benchmarks: Gonzalo APU Beats RTX 2070 and VEGA 64

The discussion around “how powerful is PlayStation 5” is about to be escalated. PlayStation 5 benchmarks have leaked online courtesy of Twitter user APISAK. He has a good history of sharing hardware benchmarks and inside news.

Sony’s next-generation console is using an AMD APU. According to leaked PS5 specs test results, the AMD Gonzalo APU is comparable to a high-end PC. The Gonzalo APU Fire Strike results show PlayStation 5 specs outperform RTX 2070 and AMD Vega 64.

Base PS4 score is under 5000 while Gonzalo is able to hit 20,000+. To put things in perspective, here is what some of the high-end GPUs from Nvidia and AMD perform:

  • RTX 2070 — 18,103
  • VEGA 64 — 19,200
  • GTX 1080 — 19,370
  • PS5 Gonzalo — 20,000+
  • RTX 2080 21,892

The only graphics card to outperform PlayStation 5 Fire Strike benchmarks is RTX 2080. Nvidia top of the line RTX 2080 card is one of the most powerful in the world. It costs around $699-$850 depending on the make and model.

The Radeon Navi based graphics of PlayStation 5 will run video games at 4K/60FPS. This is a safe assumption considering Xbox Scarlett is using the same specs. Microsoft has claimed a number of times how Xbox Scarlett can do native 4K at 60FPS. If both consoles are using parts from the same component bin, PlayStation 5 specs shouldn’t have any problem doing the same.

It would be interesting to see how many Xbox Scarlett and PS5 games are able to hit the 4K/60 FPS mark. RTX 2080 even struggles to maintain 60 at 4K often times. But it also a fact that Xbox and PlayStation console games are usually very optimized. Console games, in general, are more optimized I should say compared to PC games.

Since console games like Spider-Man, Death Stranding, Cyberpunk 2077, Forza Horizon, Halo, etc. are developed for a closed set of hardware, developers can optimize accordingly. PC is an open platform which makes optimization difficult.

While APISAK has a credible reputation it is still best to take these PlayStation 5 benchmarks with a grain of salt. We are more than a year away from the release date of Sony’s next gen console. During this time many changes and adjustments will be made to the hardware. It is highly unlikely that PS5 and Xbox Scarlett specs are locked down at this stage. I discussed this in a recent article of mine, how AMD is the only one who knows what’s going on.

As we get close to the PlayStation 5 release date, more solid information should come to light.

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