Playstation 4 Wins the Exclusives War With 229 Games; Xbox One Lagging Behind With 122

According to a new report, Sony’s Playstation 4 currently has 229 exclusive games while Microsoft’s Xbox One has only 122.

One thing to note here is that the said exclusive games are console-exclusives only and may have also released on PC or mobile platforms.

According to a research conducted by Finder; as of Sept. 2015, there are a total of 551 games available out of which 200 are available on both Xbox One and Playstation 4. Out of remaining 350, 229 are only on Playstation 4 and 122 are only on Xbox One.

Although the number is not double, it’s clear that Sony’s Playstation 4 has clearly more to offer. The entire scenario can be attributed to indie releases which prefer Playstation 4 over Xbox One.

In addition to this, there are a number of eastern publishers who prefer Sony over Microsoft.

Finally, also note that there is a little margin for error. For instance, Skylanders: Trap Team and Skylanders: Swap Force were released on both Xbox One and Playstation 4, but have been pulled from the Playstation Store while still being on the Xbox One store.

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