PlayStation 4 Tops NPD Sales Chart for July 2015, Software Sales Remain Flat

PlayStation 4 has once again outsold Xbox One and Wii U, according to July NPD details. Software sales however, remain flat compared to July 2014.

PlayStation 4 once again outsold both Xbox One and Wii U last month. Sony’s latest gaming machine continues its dominance in the market, but that doesn’t mean that Xbox One is struggling at all. However, same can’t be said for Nintendo’s Wii U.

PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are selling like hot-cakes and according to NPD analyst Liam Callahan:

After 21 months, combined Xbox One and PS4 hardware unit sales are close to 50 percent higher than the combined sales of Xbox 360 and PS3 after 21 months on the market.

Compared to July 2014, Xbox One sales were up 44%, while Xbox Live user engagement – Xbox One and Xbox 360 – was up 22%.

Gaming hardware, software and accessories sales together generated $541.9 million in July, which is up 6% from July 2014, when sales stood at $513.3 million.

Liam Callahan noted that the gaming industry is striving even after users are spending less on software.

Overall video game sales [growth was] driven by modest hardware growth and double-digital accessory growth as software sales remained flat compared to last July.

Here are the top ten games for July 2015:

  • Lego: Jurassic World (360, 3DS, PS3, Xbox One, Wii U, PS4, Vita)
  • Batman: Arkham Knight (PS4, Xbox One, PC)
  • Minecraft (360, PS3 ,Xbox One, PS4)
  • Grand Theft Auto V (PS4, Xbox One, 360, PS3, PC)
  • Rory Mcilroy PGA Tour (PS4, Xbox One)
  • The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited (Xbox One, PS4, PC)
  • Destiny (Xbox One, PS4, 360, PS3)
  • Mortal Kombat X (PS4, Xbox One)
  • FIFA 15 (PS4, 360, Xbox One, PS3, Wii, Vita, 3DS)
  • Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare (PS4, Xbox One, 360, PS3, PC)

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