PlayStation 4 to Drop $50 in Price Soon?

While Sony has not officially stated (or even teased) anything like this before, it appears that a price drop for the PlayStation 4 might be coming our way soon!

US based online retailer, Target, has added a new page to their website that inadvertently outs a massive $50 reduction in the official price of the console. It also appears that the price cut is going to be nationwide.

We have added an image of the page below so that you can check it out yourself because Target has now replaced it with something else.

If the listing stands to be true, it means a PlayStation 4 will be available for $349 very soon. Also, while the page reads “$50 price drop in PS4,” it is important to note that the image being used is that of the Nathan Drake Collection Bundle.

As of now, all the related PS4 bundles are available for $399 which is also the price at which they were originally announced. Some bundles, like the one for Destiny or The Last of Us does have $50 gift card added to the deal but of course that is something altogether different.

Sony has not commented on the allegedly official price drop on the PlayStation 4 so far, but we will definitely update you whenever something pops up.

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