PlayStation 4 Supply Issues Will Not be Fixed Until Summer

PlayStation 4 Supply Issues won't be fixed until summers, says Sony's PlayStation boss Andrew House. Further price increases?

Ever since Sony launched Playstation 4, the huge demand has led the company into a troubled phase of supply concerns. Even though the console has led the sales race, PlayStation 4 supply issues have marred the full potential of sales.

Andrew House, the head of Sony’s PlayStation division was at the GDC 2014 where he was interviewed by The Wall Street Journal.

Upon being asked about the supply shortages he agreed that the expected duration after which a smooth availability of PlayStation 4 could be expected was still a couple of months away.

We’re struggling to keep up with demand. Conservatively, as we get into the early summer months, we’ll be closer to a full supply situation.

Interestingly, Fergal Gara the managing director of PlayStation UK had said back in February that the PlayStation 4 supply issues will be taken care of in April.

Now, the statement from their boss has broadened that window which could be an insinuation towards further prolonged problems. As a result of the supply issues that the console has faced, certain retailers have raised their prices making consumers buy on higher rates.

In fact, Sony itself raised the official price of PlayStation 4 in Canada.

The two reasons that have been attributed towards the price hike were the declining worth of Canadian Dollar and demand-supply issues.

Do you think that Sony will be able to overcome the PlayStation 4 supply issues by summers 2014?

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