PlayStation 4 Super Slim Leaked Ahead of Official Reveal

According to a leak, Sony is planning to release PlayStation 4 Super Slim sometime later this year with a lower price and smaller size.

Sony is planning to release PlayStation 4 Super Slim sometime in between September and November 2019, according to a leak. It’s quite possible to happen since Sony did the same with PlayStation 3 by launching a super slim version of the console at the end of its life cycle. However, nothing is officially confirmed.

Like the PS3 Super Slim model, PS4 Super Slim is going to reduce the measurements of PlayStation 4 Slim again. Moreover, the price will be further reduced to allow everyone to get their hands on Sony’s console before PlayStation 5 arrives.

According to the leak, the upcoming Super Slim model of PS4 will arrive later this year and its retail price is going to be 199 Euros, which is less than the current price of PlayStation 3 Slim model. The price can be possibly reduced by decreasing system storage that the console is going to offer.

The built-in processor of the super slim is manufactured with the 7-nm process (compared to 16nm of Slim). The processor’s die size is mentioned to be 110mm². That’s all that was said in the leak and the source mentions that the refresh of PS4 Pro is not possible yet due to the expensive hardware inside. Only the time will tell if the rumor is true or not. If it happens, it’ll be a smart move by Sony to attract new audiences at the end of PS4’s life cycle.

As for the consumers, it makes sense to grab this super slim version of the console as Sony’s Mark Cerny has confirmed that transition from PS4 to PS5 will be gentle, meaning that games will arrive on both platforms. You won’t be missing out on anything in the first few years. Keeping the rumors of PS5 being very expensive in mind, it’s better to grab the new model of PS4 if you are low on cash.

In terms of games, PS4 will be able to play exclusive games such as Days Gone, The Last of Us 2, Ghost of Tsushima and many more. The mysterious “Death Stranding” from Hideo Kojima is also confirmed to arrive first on PlayStation 4.


If the leak is genuine, we hope that PS4 Super Slim will come at an affordable price and somehow be less noisy as compared to the previous versions of the console. Sony can also surprise us all by launching a digital-only version of PlayStation 4 just like Microsoft’s Xbox One S All Digital version.

We can expect the new version of PS4 to be announced around E3, maybe during the episode of State of Play live stream.

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