PlayStation 4 Software Update 6.80 To Release Soon With Amazing New Features

PlayStation 4 software update 6.80 is the next one in line to be released to the public. In recent weeks, some lucky PS4 users had the opportunity to try out the new features of PS4 6.80 update.

Today, the test phase of firmware 6.80 has ended as mentioned by various users on Reddit. It suggests that the public release of the PS4 system update version 6.80 is coming soon.

The beta testers of 6.80 update will be now asked to roll back to update 6.71, the latest firmware version of PlayStation 4. Those who don’t revert to 6.71 will not be able to enjoy any online features on the console. It means that players will not be able to play online video games or use streaming apps like Netflix, Spotify or Twitch.

Sony started this preview of the PS4 6.80 update at the beginning of last month by headlining some great features.

However, it’s unclear at this point if the preview brought in any good results or completely failed.

If everything went according to Sony’s plans, PlayStation 4 firmware 6.80 will soon be released to the public. With that said, let’s talk about the features that Sony tested with 6.80 update preview.

For the first time, a total of 16 players were allowed to participate in a party chat instead of the usual eight. This is the reason why Sony sent out redeemable codes to update testers so more people can try out the new party feature. In addition to this, 6.80 improved audio quality in voice chat.

The preview update also included a chat transcription feature along with some new accessibility options. Transcription feature converts party voice chat into text and vice versa. It automatically reads the text you write to other party chat members.

This transcription feature currently only supports the English language and accessible via PS4 second screen application available on iOS and Android.

Besides the party chat, the new update also included network connection optimizations.

That’s pretty much all that was included in PlayStation 4 6.80 preview update. Do note that it’s not confirmed at the moment if all of the above features will be adopted in the final version or not.

With that said, we can expect that the public release of PlayStation 4 Software Update 6.80 to be in coming weeks. Whenever it releases, we will make sure to let you know first so stay tuned.

It’s safe to assume that the above features will be available at launch with PlayStation 5. Sony is expected to release PS5 in 2020 with improved PlayStation Network features.

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