Sony Might Be Planning To Bring Big Changes To PSN For PlayStation 5

According to Windows Central Jez Corden it has come to light that Sony has all the intentions to considerably improve PSN for PS5.

By now we all are aware of the fact that the next-gen consoles are in the works, be them at Microsoft or at Sony. While Sony’s console has been a leading one, there still have been quite a lot of things which were not liked in PS4 and even PS3 era.

Among which includes issues with the PlayStation Network (PSN). Those who remember, during the PS4 era, PSN was pretty much a disappointment and similar has been the case with PS4. However, now it has been revealed that Sony has all the intentions to improve PSN for PS5.

Now this news does not come directly from the devs but rather from a writer at Windows Central Jez Corden, it does have the capacity to be proven wrong.

According to Corden, Sony is prepping up to make some considerable changes and improvements in the infrastructure of PSN.

PSN at the time of PS3 was literally horrible other than the fact that it was free, following that for PS4 Sony did make some considerable changes but it was still nowhere near perfect. In fact, it actually went through some really tough times as well.

Like PSN servers going down have been some of the major issues faced. Although Sony has been trying to make improvements in the form of updates, still the PSN seems to have been struggling.

With all that said let’s hope, Sony is able to successfully improve PSN for the better otherwise there can possibly be a huge fallout on the PS5 console as well. Apart from that fans have quite an amount of hope for the next-gen Sony console as well.

Are they committed? Will they be able to learn from past mistakes and make the next console better in all aspects? One of the most asked questions is, will Sony be rolling out its next-gen console before Microsoft or not, this question still is a mystery. However, bets are that neither of the consoles will be rolling out before 2020 that is for sure.