PlayStation 4 Sales Pass 2,000,000 Units in Japan

Sony’s PlayStation 4 console is going from strength to strength at the moment and has passed an impressive milestone. Though the numbers aren’t official yet it appears that they have sold over 2,000,000 Units in Japan.

DualShockers have reported that 2,005,949 PlayStation 4 consoles have been sold in Japan, though these are not official numbers. What the states is that the figures are pulled from Media Create figures released today which have been combined with historical data to come up with the total value. With this being an important milestone for the company, Sony are certain to confirm it soon enough.

With a recent price cut (from October 1) in Japan the console has been selling well and sales figures have been good, so the price drop was obviously a smart move. Now we’ll have to see how well the console sells over the holiday season which is normally strong for console and game sales.

Sony will no doubt now look to hitting the 3 million mark, especially with 2016 seeing some big titles coming to the console and some impressive exclusives like Street Fighter 5 which will obviously secure plenty of sales. With Xbox One not seeing the same success as its rival, Japan is definitely a Sony stronghold, as it has always been known to be.

With the continued strength of PlayStation 4, and Xbox One still holding strong (outside of Japan) this is a good time for gaming, with 2016 promising even more success for both Sony and Microsoft.

Are you impressed by Sony’s success in Japan? Let us know your thoughts below.


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