PlayStation 4 Sales Go Beyond 57 Million

PlayStation 4 sales have crossed 57 million, according to the latest financial numbers released by Sony. The company discussed the latest financial quarter and revealed that even though sales were down by 7% year-over-year, its machine managed to sell 57.1 million units across the globe.

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PlayStation 4 released back in 2013 and has been in the lead. It took just one day for PlayStation 4 to sell over 1 million units. Sony also gave us PlayStation 4 Pro last year but its sales numbers have been kept under wraps and merged with the standard model.

Sony provided a detailed explanation of its financial performance to the press.

Sales and operating revenue (“Sales”) decreased by 7.1% compared to the same quarter of the previous fiscal year (“year-on-year”) to 2,397.5 billion yen (20,668 million U.S. dollars). This decrease was mainly due to the impact of foreign exchange rates.

On a constant currency basis, sales were essentially flat year-on-year, due to significant increases in Game & Network Services (“G&NS”) and Semiconductor segment sales, substantially offset by a significant decrease in Mobile Communications (“MC”) segment sales.

For further details about the impact of foreign exchange rate fluctuations on sales and operating income (loss), see Notes on page 10.

Operating income decreased 109.8 billion yen year-on-year to 92.4 billion yen (796 million U.S. dollars). This significant decrease was mainly due to the 962 million U.S. dollars (112.1 billion yen) impairment charge of goodwill recorded in the Pictures segment.

PlayStation 4 is now available for $299 while the Pro version retails for $399.

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