New Playstation 4 God of War Game is Long Enough, Action-Packed

The new Playstation 4 God of War game will be long, action-packed, and lacking any of the sorts of mini-games that previous God of War titles had.

Cory Barlog, the creative director at Sony Santa Monica, took to Twitter today to answer a few questions about the Playstation 4 God of War game that was revealed at E3 2016’s Playstation conference. In his tweets, Barlog asserted the game would be long and action-packed, and wouldn’t have any mini-games, unlike the previous God of War games.

The Playstation 4 God of War game has already made a wide variety of changes from previous God of War titles, even with what we saw in the few scant minutes of gameplay shown at E3.

In addition to a new third-person over-the-shoulder camera setup, Kratos’s new axe, the new setting, and his son, we’ll apparently also not have to worry about any of the mini-games that were in previous God of War titles.

This likely means no more of the kinds of puzzles that broke the flow of previous games (though we’ve got no proof of that), no “have sex with women for XP” moments, no “fly up tunnels filled with random garbage” like God of War 3, and more.

However, one thing the game will be keeping is Kratos fighting a large number of enemies at once, more than the two or three-man groups plus the boss that he fought in the demo.

The God of War games have always been epic romps of storytelling, but if what Barlog says is true, and the Playstation 4 God of War game is indeed going to be an epically long game, it may be enough to keep God of War fans busy for a good while.

God of War 4 is slated to be coming out sometime in 2017 exclusively on the Playstation 4. If you’re one of those people that wants to play it, you’ll have to wait for more information from David Jaffe, Cory Barlog, or some other Sony Santa Monica representative to give you more info.

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