What is Playstation 4 Forever Edition? An Upgradable PlayStation 4?

Something called a Playstation 4 Forever Edition has popped up on the Internet, but is it a real possibility, or is it just someone messing around?

A rather interesting picture has popped up on the internet, which shows a rather intriguing sight: something called a Playstation 4 Forever Edition. Whether it’s a new version of the Playstation 4 or a fake thing designed to generate hype over something that doesn’t exist, we’ll have to see.

Playstation has already two (one officially confirmed, other reviewed and opened before the official reveal) other versions of the Playstation 4 that will be coming out in the next few months: the Playstation 4 Slim, and the Playstation 4 Neo. There’s been nothing mentioned of a Playstation 4 Forever Edition, unless the picture shown is the product of an uninformed advertising agency messing up the name.

All the same it does seem slightly different from the Playstation 4 Neo. While it does allow 4K resolution on games and videos, it also includes baked-in Playstation Plus, where you get a free Playstation Plus subscription when you buy the console. Adding to this are a solid-state drive out of the box with the console that you can use to save more data on your console, and upgraded graphics cards and RAM.

There’s a few flaws in this that make it unlikely to be true: First off, there’s no official context around it that would make Sony want to put out a third new console, especially one that’s actually better than the Playstation 4 Neo, the thing they’ve been promoting the most. If they really did intend to make another Playstation like that, why not just make the Playstation 4 Neo that way instead? Or PlayStaion Neo could have these features? An upgradable PlayStation Neo?

Whether it’s a fake or not, we’ll likely find out about it tomorrow, considering that as we speak the Playstation Meeting is going on in New York right now, where the Playstation 4 Neo and the Playstation 4 Slim will both be officially announced. Whether or not Playstation announces a “Playstation 4 Forever Edition” will likely be settled there, unless Playstation is waiting for something like next year’s E3 to announce it.

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