PlayStation 2 Is Back As A Handheld With SMB Server

PlayStation 2, one of the most popular consoles in history is back as a handheld device with SMB server.

PlayStation 2, one of the most popular consoles in history is back as a handheld device with SMB server. A fan started this project back in 2013 and now after almost a decade, his dream and ours has come true.

We present PIS2, the portable PlayStation 2.

The Darkwing Mod console modder shared a video in which he shows his latest and most brilliant creation. The PlayStation 2 handheld is a nicely built machine with a built-in video games library.

The Darkwing Mod is calling it PS12 and it features a Raspberry Pi SMB server which lets you play games without having the need of a DVD-Drive. As you will remember, PS2 had a DVD-Drive to play video games but this feels more like a PS2 in PSP form.

Showcasing one of my long-standing project which was completed a few weeks ago. It is a PS2 portable which loads the through SMB with a raspberry pi2. Using this we can bypass the slow USB 1 port and have games running at full speed meaning both gameplay and FVM run perfectly.

The handheld can run for up to 1 hour without needing external power. The machine issues a warning 20 minutes before shutting down so you have enough time to save your progress. The warning comes on the screen when the battery output drops below 6.5V.

PSI2 Features

  • Games loading through the ethernet port with a Pi2 as an SMB server.
  • This result in the game running a near full speed and smooth FMV.
  • VGA (RGBHV) and composite video
  • Battery indicator turning on at 6.5v for a 20mins notice
  • External memory card for slot 1 so that I can “switch”
    setup between portable and TV.
  • Internal Free MCboot memory card on slot 2
  • PS3 rest switch with led when the system is turn on
  • Digital volume and screen controls button
  • Charge port and play ports

The PSI2 is not for sale it seems but if Sony actually builds something like this, there is a big revenue-generating opportunity.

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