Playing Video Games at Work Can Help Relieve Stress, Study Finds

In that context, another study has come forward claiming that playing video games at work helps relieve stress, according to a new study.

Stress is something we all go through, it is a common part of our lives. There are many ways to relieve stress, you may like to exercise, listen to music, watch movies, spend time with your loved ones, or play video games. However, playing video games have been linked to violence and other mental problems including addiction.

But there is always a counter study saying that it doesn’t cause problems but gaming actually helps improve your mental health. In that context, another study has come forward claiming that playing video games at work helps relieve stress.

Half of Americans experience cognitive fatigue related to stress, frustration, and anxiety at work, the new report says. The researchers used a computer-based tasked to induce cognitive fatigue to 66 participants. They were then given a 5-minute break where they engaged in different activities including taking a silent rest break and playing a casual video game called Sushi Cat.

Interestingly, those who played the game felt more relaxed while others were less engaged with work afterward and experienced worry as a result. According to Michael Rupp, a doctoral student in human factors and cognitive psychology at the University of Central Florida:

We often try to power through the day to get more work finished, which might not be as effective as taking some time to detach for a few minutes. People should plan short breaks to make time for an engaging and enjoyable activity, such as video games, that can help them recharge

Some stress is beneficial as well as it helps us develop skills needed to manage pressure situations, says The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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