PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Equipment Guide

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Equipment Guide to help you learn everything you need to know about different pieces of equipment.

In this PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Equipment Guide we will help you learn everything you need to know about different pieces of equipment that you can use in the game.

When we talk about equipment in PUBG, we mean things like backpacks, vests, helmets, weapon attachments, and of course; healing items.

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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Equipment


Backpacks in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds basically allow you to carry your inventory. The backpacks come in three levels:

  • Level 1 – Beige Color, +150 Capacity
  • Level 2 – Dark/Light Green Color, +200 Capacity
  • Level 3 – Fat Shaped, +250 Capacity


Vests in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds not only provide you with increased carrying capacity but also provide armor. Similar to backpacks, vests also come in three levels:

  • Level 1 – Increases Capacity by +50 & Armor by +200
  • Level 2 – Increases Capacity by +50 & Armor by +220
  • Level 3 – Increases Capacity by +50 & Armor by +250


Helmets can help you live by negating the damage of a well-placed headshot. Therefore, trying wearing them. The helmets in PlayerUnknown’s Battleground also come in three levels:

  • Level 1 – Increases Armor by +80
  • Level 2 – Increases Armor by +150
  • Level 3 – Prevents One-Shot Kill from SKS & KAR98K

Boosters and Medicine

In PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, a player can only heal up to 75% of its maximum HP. After that, most of the medication items will cease to work.

These items heal a small amount of your HP. Do note that certain actions can stop the action.

First Aid Kits
These items instantly heal you to 75% and allow you to stay in the battle for extended durations of time. Moreover, these items not too hard to find and can be stacked.

Med Kits
These items instantly heal you to 100% and allow you stay in the battle. Needless to say but these items are pretty hard to come by.

Energy Drink
These items heal you above the 75% mark that I discussed earlier. In addition to this, these items also increase the boost bar by 40.

Painkillers also heal you above the 75% mark and are slightly better than Energy Drinks. These items increase the boost bar by 60.

Adrenaline Syringes
These items can only be acquired via airdrops and instantly fill your boost bar to 100.

Weapon Attachments

It helps dampen the recoil.

It dampens the sound of your weapons.

Flash Hider
It hides the muzzle flash of your weapon while you’re firing.

It tightens the spread of shotguns and ensures better range.

Bullet Loops
It provides quicker draw and faster reload speeds.

Cheek Pad
It reduces the sway of the scope and improves stability.

Tactical Stocks
It also increases the stability.

Angled Foregrip
It increases the draw and ADS time at the cost of a little stability.

Vertical Foregrip
It increases stability.

Quickdraw Magazine
It allows faster reload speed than normal without increasing total rounds of storage.

Extended Magazine
It increases the rounds of Ammo in your Mag but reduces Reload Speed.

Extended Quickdraw Magazine
It combines the Quickdraw Magazine and Extended Magazine with this weapon attachment so you get increased bullets in a single Mag and faster reload speed.

Scope Attachments
There are quite a lot of scope attachments in PUBG, including: Canted Sigh (Side Scope), Red Dot Sight, Holographic Sight, 4x Scope and 8x Scope.

Misc. Items

Gas Can – Used to Refuel a Vehicle
Utility Belt – Starting Item that Gives +50 Capacity

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