PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Best Loadouts Guide

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Best Loadouts Guide to help you create the best loadouts using different kinds of weapons and other useful equipment.

Our PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Best Loadouts Guide will help you create the best loadouts using different kinds of weapons and other useful equipment.

When it comes to creating the perfect loadout in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, you’ve quite a few options at your disposal! From LMGs to Shotguns to ARs and SMGs; the options are virtually endless.

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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Best Loadouts

Assault Rifle Loadout

  • Primary Weapon – AKM
  • Secondary Weapon – Tommy Gun
  • Attachments – Composite Stock, 8x CQBSS
  • Healing – Energy Drink

Since the emphasis of the loadout is on Assault Rifle, there’s no better option than AKM. The weapon not only has a pretty decent range and rate-of-fire but also has a good damage output.

I, however, recommend using the weapon at mid-range since the effective damage output continues to decrease at increased range. For the secondary weapon, I recommend using the Tommy Gun.

Tommy Gun, in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, has the highest rate-of-fire among all the weapons in the game but can only be acquired as an airdrop. Thanks to its incredible rate-of-fire, you should easily be able to suppress multiple enemies.

However, due to its high rate-of-fire, you must learn to control its recoil which is something you need to keep in mind!

As for the attachments, you need to go with Composite Stock and 8x CQBSS. Both of these attachments are meant to give you increased control at range. For close-ranged encounters, Tommy Gun is the way to go.

Finally, with the Energy Drink, you’ll be able to enjoy increased damage output and have sustainability for longer durations of time.

Shotgun Loadout

  • Primary Weapon – S1897
  • Secondary Weapon – Crowbar
  • Attachments – Choke
  • Healing – Medkit

The S1897 is perfect for clearing out chokepoints and tight areas. I highly recommend using Choke with this weapon in order to increase its effective range and win mid-ranged fights. When using the weapon, make sure to stay inside houses and other buildings.

For the Secondary Weapon, I recommend something like a Crowbar or any other weapon of your preference.

As mentioned earlier, you need to go with Choke if you don’t want to use a Secondary Weapon and want to stick to the Crowbar like me.

With Choke, you should easily be able to win mid-ranged engagements which is not possible with default S1897.

Finally, the reason why I recommend Medkit is because this loadout requires you to stay at close-range and you’re more prone to receiving damage.

Sniper Rifle Loadout

  • Primary Weapon – AWM
  • Secondary Weapon – P92
  • Attachments – Compensator
  • Healing – First Aid Kit

AWM in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds not only has the most range in the category but also has high values for damage and accuracy. The weapon, however, can only be acquired as an airdrop.

It goes without saying but when using a sniper rifle, you need to have the backup in the form of a Secondary Weapon. In order to fill this hole, I recommend using the P92 Pistol.

This pistol not only has the highest rate-of-fire in the game but also is fairly easy to find. Moreover, it can use a wide array of attachments including suppressor, etc.

For the attachments, you can go with anything you prefer but I highly recommend using the Compensator that can allow you to be more precise with your shots and land more of them with less recovery time. You can also add a scope but it’s solely your call!

Lastly, for the healing, you can either use Bandage or a First Aid Kit – again, your call!

LMG Loadout

  • Primary Weapon – M249
  • Secondary Weapon – P92
  • Attachments – RDS
  • Healing – Painkiller

With this loadout, you should easily be able to shred through vehicles within the blink of an eye. The weapon, however, can only be acquired as an airdrop and can use a number of attachments.

For the Secondary Weapon, I once again recommend using P92 because of its availability and incredible rate-of-fire. With this sidearm, you wouldn’t have to worry about losing CQC to a sneaking player.

Since it’s hard to aim with an LMG, I recommend using a Red Dot Sight. As for the healing solution, Painkiller is the way to go because of instant healing.

Best All-Rounder Loadout

The All-Rounder loadout focuses on providing such weapons which cover your both close-quarter and long ranged fights.

This loadout is versatile enough to cover short and long range both but its best during the mid-range fights.

  • Primary Weapon – M416
  • Secondary Weapon – AKM
  • Melee – Pan
  • Attachments – 4x (M416), 2x(AKM), Extended Quickdraw Mags, Compensator
  • Healing – First Aid Kit, Pain Killers

Best Close Quarters Loadouts – TDM

This loadout has been specifically selected for close-ranged fighters who need to deliver high damager quicker than their enemies.

This needs a relatively faster fire-rate and lesser recoil to aim perfectly without opening scopes.

  • Primary Weapons – Vector, Groza, M762
  • Secondary Weapons – S682, S12K
  • Attachments – 2x, Red dot, Extended Quickdraw Mag, Compensator, Vertical Foregrip
  • Healing – First Aid Kits, Pain killers

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