Players Will Need to Explore Jin’s Story First in Ghost of Tsushima Before Going Open

The open world of Ghost of Tsushima will be locked behind a portion of protagonist Jin's story before players can truly experience it themselves.

Sucker Punch Productions revealed a significant part of their upcoming game Ghost of Tsushima during Playstation’s most recent State of Play event, giving us a good indication of the game’s size and art style, along with the combat that players will be undertaking as they fight the invading Mongols.

However, even though there’s a huge world out there for players to explore, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you can go gallivanting off into the wild at the expense of the story. While Sucker Punch, specifically creative director Jason Connell, was coy to say how much of Tsushima would be unlocked from the start, he did imply we’d have to go through Jin’s story first.

The story of Ghost of Tsushima is one rooted in history, specifically the attempted invasion of Japan by the Mongol Empire that ended up giving the Japanese the word “Kamikaze”, as freak storms are what destroyed the Mongol fleets and allowed them to claim victory.

In the game, protagonist Jin must move away from the honorable path of the samurai to the path of a ninja, as fighting honorably will not allow Japan to prevail against the Mongols. Alongside the State of Play gameplay, we also got a chance to see Jin in action at E3 2018 at the Playstation conference.

Of course, exactly how far we have to get into Jin’s story in order to open up the entire island to exploration is something we’ll just have to find our for ourselves when the game actually comes out, though hopefully it won’t happen after the very end of the story.

Either way, the game itself looks amazing, so there will hopefully be a huge amount for any player to explore as they play Ghost of Tsushima. The game will be coming out exclusively on the Playstation 4 on July 17.

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