Players Can Now Revive And Heal Instantly With This New PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Cheat

Cheating in a video game is not a huge matter of discussion until we’re talking about the world’s most famous multiplayer game at the moment. Then it’s something that cannot be taken lightly by the devs. A new PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Cheat has been found and is one that could cause an uproar pretty quickly.

According to footage provided by Reddit user MagicIsBull, the player who killed him in a match was able to instantly revive his down ally, before recovering all of his missing health instantly as well. This means that the aforementioned player managed to both eliminate the reviving a downed ally’s ten-second channeling as well as recovering all his life without having to use any bandages, first aid kits or energy drinks.

This PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds cheat could cause a lot of to the game’s stability, but PUBG Corporation seems to be on the right track when it comes to cheaters and hackers in the game. Last week the team reviewed a total of 10 million accounts and permanently banned 100.00 of them due to cheat use.

Reports have indicated that the majority of the hackers are from China, something that the PlayerUnknown himself confirms. While all Chinese are not hackers, battle eye stats show that majority of the players that are playing Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds are from China. There have been plenty of complaints regarding these hackers and the development team has banned a ton of players as well.

In related news, Bluehole will be running a few tests and will continue to further update the servers to completely fix the lag once and for all. But that is not all that came with the most recent update. One of them being that the ratio of the map selection will be equal between Erangel and Miramar. Also, players can only view the replays of the game for 3 minutes after their death, so as to ensure that they can not send the position of their enemy to their teammates who survived.

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