UPDATE: Players Are Being Wrongfully Banned From The Division 2 Private Beta, Ubisoft Working To Fix It

Players are reporting that as soon as they launch the Division 2 beta, the game just bans them for no reason. Ubisoft is looking into the issue.

[UPDATE]: Ubisoft has rolled out a small patch for The Division 2 Private Beta that resolves the issue causing player bans. The bans should be lifted and players should be able to play the beta.

The Division 2 private beta has started and apparently gamers are being wrongfully banned from the beta. Players are reporting that as soon as they launch the Division 2 beta, the game just bans them for no reason.

Also, this isn’t an isolated issue as a lot of players are reporting the same. Ubisoft was quick to notice the situation and assured that the studio is aware of players being wrongfully banned from The Division 2 private beta.

According to Ubisoft, they are working to fix the problem and will update gamer as soon as they make some progress. Apparently, Ubisoft Massive isn’t just making claims as they are actively working to un-Ban players.

The Division 2 is an highly-anticipated game despite the first game lacking in end-game content. However, the lack of end-game content in the Division was because Ubisoft was busy developing The Division 2.

According to Ubisoft, before rolling out patch 1.4 for The Division, the studio made the decision to stop developing planned features and DLC to work on the second game in the series.

We were trying to operate this live game, yet we saw things that weren’t working out for the long term. That’s why a very tough decision was made before patch 1.4, which was to stop the development on all of the planned features and the DLCs to be able to focus on the technological debt and on the improvements to get the game to where we wanted it to be. That all fed into how we’ve set up The Division 2 production-wise, creatively as well.

While Ubisoft scrapping plans for end-game content is unfair to us but, the studio is apparently making up for it in the sequel.

If Ubisoft keeps its end of the bagain, then The Division 2 might be one of the best games of this generation.

Also, The Division 2 supports variable refresh rate on Xbox One X. This will allow players with Freesync monitors or monitors with high-refresh rate, to play the game at higher FPS than 30.

Not only it allows to play the game at higher FPS but it also doesn’t let screen tears ruin the game experience.

The Division 2 is an open-world multiplayer game in development at Ubisoft. The game is scheduled to launch on March 15, 2019, for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Source: Reddit

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