Player Completes No-Hit Dark Souls 2 Run, For The First Time Ever

A streamer named The_Happy_Hob has completed a no-hit Dark Souls 2 run, the first streamer to do so for that particular Souls game.

For the first time ever, a Souls player has completed a Dark Souls 2 run without getting hit a single time, meaning that he got through the game without taking a single hit from an enemy. The player in question, a streamer named The_Happy_Hob, is the first player ever to achieve that.

Previously there had been another Dark Souls 2 run where someone had supposedly not taken a hit, but on further examination they both got hit by a trap and also used a summoning sign over the course of the playthrough, invalidating it.

The_Happy_Hob’s run, which took nearly nine hours, is only the latest in a long line of different runs done by other Souls players. Being games that are renowned for their difficulty, many streamers take it as a challenge and undergo everything from speed runs to no-hit runs and more in the name of showing how good they are at the game.

Getting a no-hit run on Dark Souls games can also be seen as fairly difficult, as the large number of bosses and enemies can often ruin a run like that in one instance of inattentiveness. There are also a number of hostile environments that would ruin a no-hit run, such as poisonous swamps, trap-filled buildings, and more.

Dark Souls 2 in particular has a few instances that can ruin a run, such as extremely difficult bosses like Sir Alonne in the Iron Keep and the Royal Rat Vanguard, which swarms you with a horde of rats that you have to kill while looking for one rat in particular (the Vanguard in question).

However, The_Happy_Hob has been able to complete his Dark Souls 2 run without taking a single hit, and has the stream to prove it in case of any doubts. If you want to see the run for yourself, you can follow the link to watch it here.

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