Player Beats God Of War At Highest Difficulty Without Leveling Up

God Of War is one of the best games to launch this year and another excellent addition to PlayStation 4 exclusives lineup, the game's hardest difficulty.

God Of War is one of the best games to launch this year and is another excellent addition to PlayStation 4 exclusives lineup, however, the game’s hardest difficulty is the stuff on nightmares and one player have managed to beat God of War at the highest difficult at just level 1.

The player who achieved this feat is Faraaz Khan, who played God Of War on the highest difficulty “Give me God Of War” and managed to beat the game without leveling up.

However, he did use new armor to give Kratos boost in stats but apart from that, kept the character level at 1 throughout the game. What this means is that any enemy could one shot Kratos which forced the player to be very cautious.

If you don’t know how hard the game is to play on “Give me God Of War” difficulty then here is a short rundown of it.

  • Enemies turn into elite enemies when damaged.
  • Enemies will take slightly less damage and they deliver much more status effect damage to Kratos and some last longer and are much stronger.
  • Enemies’ defense gets boosted.
  • Enemies can counterattack immediately following a hit or block.

This is just the tip of the iceberg as there are a lot of variables in play if you are playing God Of War at the highest difficulty. You can check out the full rundown of the difficulty settings here.

Also, God Of War has become the highest rated PS4 exclusive. The game holds a score of 95 on Metacritic and has also become the highest rated PS4 exclusive of all time in the process.

Furthermore, the game almost didn’t feature any cutscenes. According to game director Cory Barlog, the initial pitch for the game was to have a no-cut camera and also he didn’t want any cutscene in the game.

The reason why he didn’t want cutscenes in God Of War was that he didn’t think cinematics are necessary for a narrative but the world itself should be the narrative.

God Of War is a third-person action adventure game developed by Sony Santa Monica exclusively for PlayStation 4.

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